As the nation celebrates the birthday of our motherland, we also left China and headed to Uzbekistan, a beautiful country in Central Asia. We are about to start our journey of visiting customers. The scenery on the way is beautiful and the flight passes through the beautiful Xinjiang Ili.At night, at 1am, we arrived, got off the plane, and the city was quiet and beautiful at night,tennis nz junior masters points race

The next day we went to the local cultural museum and saw the local handmade culture.Lets take a look …,real madrid vs leganes live streaming online

handball spezial yellow,The local Tashkent, a standing mosque, adjusted to blue and white, making her quieter on this land and giving it to religious Muslims

Our exhibition is for three days. During this time we received many local customers, but also the United States, India, and neighboring countries Kazakhstan. Many customers were involved in this product for the first time We all gave thoughtful answers. We also went to inspect this market after the show. The Uzbekistan government encourages investors to introduce equipment and vigorously develop their own country.,betting tips football tomorrow

p2p games android,There is always bitterness and bitterness during the journey, as well as happiness and emotion. The meaning of traveling like this…

logo ligue aura handball,We help customers to do a good job of replacing some parts of the machine in time. This customer’s machine has been used for 8 years, and it still works very stable. Thank you for your recognition of us.In Uzbekistan in October, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays are strong. We also visit our products in the market. They are basically produced by our machines and provided by a local customer supplier.

royal panda roulette free,Because Uzbekistan’s industrial development is relatively slow, but currently our customers can buy equipment that can meet 60 ~ 70% of the local market demand. Customers feedback that our equipment quality is very good. This customer is a relatively large plastic factory in Tashkent. Purchased another piece of our equipment, ready for delivery. The customer said that our after-sales service was very timely and the quality was very good. At present, the customer is still talking to us about a double-layer equipment.

During this journey, we also visited the factory and promoted our equipment. Our sales staff is also communicating with customers about equipment products. Looking forward to the next visit, there will be many customers choose us and we are confident to do it. At best, when we left Tashkent, the slogan stated that we would visit the ancient Silk Road with us. tennis paris jesse owens has been on the road.,online ipl cricket match live score