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Spike the ball over the net. With both arms stretched up, bring your hitting hand back by bending your arm at the elbow. Your hand should be open and... Your hitting arm swings over the top of the ball and makes contact with the ball high up on it. When you make contact with the ball, snap your ...

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How to properly hit a down ball in volleyball. by Mallory Carter

The way your hands are supposed to look is your thumbs are going to be touching on the sides and your fingers and going to be spread out and curved a little bit like your gripping and invisible ball. When you get the ball at the top of the net you push down to the left or right not just straight down. Show full text.

How to Hit a Volleyball

How to Hit a Volleyball with a Slide Attack. chase the ball. line up with the ball on your hitting shoulder. jump off your left foot (if you're right handed) drift through the air as you make contact with the ball.

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Basic Strategies for the Volleyball Spike. Volleyball Hitting Line. For an outside hitter, "hitting line" means hitting the ball down the line in the corner of zone 1. For a right side hitter, hitting line would be hitting the ball down the line in the corner to zone 5. Spiking the ball down the line is often the best strategy for hitting. It's often the best strategy because it's difficult to dig this ball coming at this angle and trajectory.

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Watch as Russ Rose, Head Coach at Penn St., walks us through this down ball drill that can be used for all ages. For more free videos about volleyball drills...

7 common hitting approach errors and how to fix them

On the first two steps, the hands should be relaxed and swinging naturally, staying below the waist. If the hitter is raising their hands, they will raise the center of gravity, thus slowing down the approach. Relax the fingers, hands, wrists and shoulders to allow the whip to accelerate.

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A Down Ball in Volleyball Cover the Attacker. Once the attacker hits a down ball, it is very important that his or her teammates have their back,... Stick Tight to Attacker. These three will try to get the ball that is blocked straight down and the ball that is soft... Make Sure to Cover the Deep ...

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A jump serve presents a challenge for the opponent. The ball is often hard hit and has a steep downward motion after passing over the net. Players using a jump serve often start well behind the end line, toss the ball high in the air, and run to jump and swing at the ball.