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Below is a volleyball set diagram. It outlines the different sets we used when I coached collegiately at Brown, and how we defined them. This is based on a system popularized by the USA men back in the 1980s. They divided the net into 9 zones of 1 meter each. On top of that they added set heights ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest (fastest).

An Introduction to Charting Volleyball Matches

Veteran chart takers can tell from the serve-receive lineup who is in the front row and who is the setter. If the team being scouted is serving first, the problem is trivial, look at the

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be tracked on this same chart, allowing you to track which players are in the front row, player subs and positions. In Game #1 above, your team is running a 6-2 offense with #1 and #4 setting.


OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS PlayPics courtesy of (www.referee.com) 1. Illegal Alignment/ Improper Server 2. Line Violation 3. Illegal Hit 4. Delay of Service 5. Over-the-net 6. Net Fault or Net Serve 7. Illegal Attack 8. Illegal Block/Screening 9. Ball Touched 10. Four Hits 11. Double Hit 12. Ball Lands Inbounds

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USA Volleyball is the National Governing Body for the sport of volleyball in the United States. Supporting athletes at all levels of play, we train and support the U.S. National Teams for indoor, beach and sitting volleyball and provide a lifetime of opportunity to be part of the volleyball community with premier events, programs and resources to pursue your Path to the Podium.

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First, identify the main players and give a strengths and weaknesses breakdown, along with ways to defend and/or attack them. For example, “#9 is a 6’2” O1, hits line/seam when on the left-side, hits away from body on the right. Quick arm swing, we need to be quick of the floor with our block.

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USA Volleyball Indoor & Beach Playing Rules. Referees receive a rulebook after completing registration, either by mail or at a regional referee clinic. Other adult full members receive a rulebook after registration, from their club director or upon request. For additional copies, contact Ron Wyzynski wyzynski@ovr.org .

Wash Scoring Drills - Team USA

-By Tom Tait, Brevard College, FIVB Instructor and USA Volleyball CAP Cadre Member Some History In 1984, when the USA men were in the process of preparing for what was to be their gold medal performance in the Los Angeles Olympics, Bill Neville, their highly imaginative assistant coach, designed a scrimmage-like game he called the wash ll.

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RIGHT SIDE SETS: A - like a middle 1 but behind the setter. Red - a fast set (like a hut) 5 - slow and high set (like a 4) BACK ROW SETS: (all back row sets should be 9-10 feet off the net) Bic - to middle back, lower set. Pipe - to middle back, higher set. A - to left back, on the outside line, high set.